Update 1/5: I visited Spoon & Whisk, and introduced myself to Cheryl, the owner.  She is so nice!  While I was there, I purchased the aforementioned spider, and potato ricer.  Haven’t used them yet, but I’ll keep you posted.  If you live in the area, and are in need of kitchen tools, Spoon & Whisk is the place to go!

I received a wonderful gift from my wonderful in-laws (one set…I have two great sets of in-laws) – a large butcher-block style cutting board, handmade right nearby in the Catskills, by Catskill Craftsmen. They have a similar one in their kitchen, and I’ve been loudly admiring it since I first met them. They finally took the hint. 🙂

It’s humongous – 20″x20″, and it must weigh about 15 pounds. I cannot find a place for it it my kitchen yet – it’s too big to go in any of the cabinets, and it doesn’t fit on top of the pot rack (which would probably collapse from the weight, anyway). I, however, am totally in love with it. It’s going to last the rest of my life, and will travel with me to any and all future kitchens.


I’m glad that it was made right here in New York, and that it comes with a guarantee. I realize that I’m responsible for its maintenance (monthly treatment with mineral oil), but it’s a small price to pay for a lifetime of enduring craftsmanship.

My in-laws told me that they looked high and low for this – they could not find a decent wooden cutting board at Macy’s, Different Drummer’s Kitchen, or even Williams-Sonoma. Turned out they found it at a little place in Clifton Park called Spoon & Whisk, right on Route 9 next to J&S Watkins (another fantasy-inducing foodie destination).

I have made it a New Year’s resolution to hie myself over to Spoon & Whisk, to buy me a chinois, a spider, and a potato ricer. I have many culinary adventures ahead of me in 2008 – stay tuned!