I do believe I am recovered from my “life sucks” funk.

The passing of both of my father’s parents in the span of 3 weeks (plus my brother-in-law’s illness) really had me questioning life, the universe, and everything.  My faith was rattled to the core.  What little I have left, that is.  But, after spending a joyous weekend with my friends Sarah and Sionna (and many of the old Siena crew whom we hadn’t seen in years), I feel much better, and more grounded.

We spent a lot of time together (I think Saturday’s party  itself was around 10 hours!), and had so much fun that I’m seeing my life in a more positive light.  One friend, whom I think I last saw in 2002, said to me after a interesting conversation: “Now I remember why I like being around you so much!  We should definitely get together one of these days.”  Nice!  I forgot how much I really like him (and his wife) too!

Plus we invented a new party game while we were there: ShoeBag.  It has something to do with a horseshoe in a bag, and hitting people in the head with it.  I think.  There was much beer at this party.

There’s nothing like an impromptu college reunion to lift one’s sagging spirits.

AND, more good news: my brother-in-law came HOME on Friday! He was released from the hospital and flew home to be with his family.  It’s truly a miracle that he’s even alive, let alone walking around and playing with his girls.  Bob and I will be heading down there in about two weeks to spend some time with them, and help out.

I guess the good vibrations you all sent my way helped.  Thanks, truly.