10/2 Update: I am at the point of joining the final yarn to my scarf, and IT IS ALL KNOTTED AND TANGLED.  I am ready to kill someone.  I have to put it away and go to bed.  Grr.

I am having such a good time! As Sarah mentioned, she spent a few hours last weekend teaching me how to knit. I am now obsessed, and more than half finished with my first project – a scarf!

Here’s a look at my work in progress:

I’m getting much better at making even stitches – either the yarn I started with is just a pain in the neck (which Sarah thought might be the case), or I am improving my technique.  Maybe both.

Here’s what the first block looked like:

Kinda uneven, wobbly, and probably what one would expect from a knitting novice.  But I have to admit, the Martha Stewart that lurks inside me was a tad disappointed that I wasn’t able to master it from the very first stitch.  Oh, well.  I’m over it now, and having a lot of fun.

Perhaps the most fun so far has been performing a Felted Join, where I used some science (moisture, friction, and heat) to felt two strands of yarn together when I changed colors.  Here’s where I learned the technique (you’ll have to scroll down to the Felted Join video).

Sarah – please remain on standby for when I finish the scarf – I have no idea what to do with it.