Update 10/23: Set up email ok, but according to our IT department, I won’t be able to access my Outlook calendar.  Truthfully, that was probably the MAIN reason I got the damned phone (my ancient Palm finally kicked it 2 weeks ago).  Someone BETTER find a way to get my calendar on that frakkin’ BlackBerry.

I just upgraded my phone today..to a BlackBerry smartphone.  So far, I am loving it!  I haven’t even put it through its paces yet…can’t wait to sync it to my Outlook calendar at work tomorrow…yippee!!  I love technology.

I have much less iPhone envy now, Sarah.  Still some, but much less!  If I didn’t already have Verizon, I probably would have gotten an iPhone.  Oh, well.  I feel like I’m always trying to keep up with you – first the knitting, now the phoning.  I think I might be your stalker.