I never got around to sending Christmas cards this year (or baking cookies, or even putting up a tree), but I want to send out Christmas and Hanukkah greetings to all of my friends and loyal Wendalicious readers (who are pretty much the same 5 people).

If you happen to be listening to the radio on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day, you can listen to the annual Christmas show that I produce on www.talk1300.com.  The show will run from 3pm-8pm both days.  If you’re from outside the Capital District, the show may not be as fun for you, since it features mostly local “celebrities” – news anchors, elected officials, and our diocesan Bishop.  It does have some fun old-time radio sketches, though, which are really amusing.  The name of the show is “The Jack Keenan Christmas Special”.  Talk 1300 will be streaming live.

I’ve been producing this show since 2000, and it’s still pretty fun.  One very cool thing that came out of this year’s show production – I have created  a mini radio studio in my computer room – editing software, microphone, etc., so I could edit the show at home instead of driving down to the studio. It’s SO easy and fun!  I think I need to go back into radio…

I told my hubby that I would LOVE a portable sound recorder for my birthday…I’m toying around with the notion of the Wendalicious Podcast for 2009…stay tuned!

So, to all of my friends, family, and readers: I hope you get everything you wish for this holiday season!  May your 2009 be prosperous and full of hope and wonder.  Peace.