Casu Frizagu
Casu Frazigu - "Maggot Cheese"

The Italian government has outlawed the sale of Italy’s maggot-infested Casu Frazigu, commonly known as “rotten cheese,” because it can only be safely eaten for a few weeks in July in August. During the aging process, a fly called Piophila casei deposits its eggs on the cheese. When the maggots are born, they move throughout the cheese, excreting enzymes that give it a pungent smell, a rotten taste, and a soft, creamy texture. The cheese is served commonly weddings and other family gatherings.

I think you eat the maggots along with the cheese.  One article I read said that the cheese is spread on flatbread and washed down with some wine.  Ugh.  I feel like vomiting.  And I have a feeling the vomit might taste better.   Crazy Italians.

Why do I continue to post these filthy things?