I recently discovered what just may be the most delicious cookie ever sold.*  I had been on a quest of sorts, trying to find a cookie that I could crush into crumbs and sprinkle atop my makeshift coconut cream pie.  While lazily traversing the aisles of my local Hannaford grocery store, I happened upon a bag of cookies whose name sounded intriguing.  “Vanilla Snaps”.    These cookies captured my attention for several reasons:  they were located in the natural foods section (where I spend an increasing percentage of my grocery dollars), they are made with more than 70% organic ingredients, there was nothing on the ingredient list that wasn’t instantly recognizable, and they contain only 130 calories for 5 cookies.  I think what really sold me, however, was that I had never before heard of a vanilla snap.  Vanilla wafer, yes.  Ginger snap, of course.  But never a vanilla snap.

Mi-Del Vanilla Snaps
Mi-Del Vanilla Snaps

Oh, what I had been missing lo these many years.

The Mi-Del Vanilla Snap is pure heaven: rich vanilla flavor, not overly sweet, with a delicate crunch.  You can’t eat just one, as they say.  And who would want to?  There’s almost nothing that doesn’t recommend it.  Some may be put off by its cost – it checks out at $3.95 for a 10-ounce bag.  I admit, at first blush that does appear to be a steep price to pay.  But how can you put a price tag on exquisite deliciousness and pure epicurean ecstasy?   You just can’t!

If you must, though, I have spent $11.85 in the past 3 weeks.  What can I say?  Some folks are addicted to crack cocaine, some to sex…and I am addicted to Vanilla Snaps.  I have made my peace with it.

I believe I have waxed rhapsodic enough for one grocery item.  Please do yourself a favor and pick up a bag of these delectable little gems.  You will not be sorry, or my name isn’t Wendalicious.

*Please note that I said “ever sold”.  My homemade Russian Tea Cakes are still the reigning champ.