My mom called me last night to tell me something kinda weird. 

The people who are renting the house my grandparents used to live in (they both passed away last summer) are convinced that the house is haunted by them.  So, they have hired a “ghostbuster” (her word, not mine) to see if it’s true.  No one else has ever lived in that house, so if it’s haunted, it would be by them.  Lisa claims that lights go on and off, stuff gets moved around and tossed about the room, etc.  Really, she has no reason to lie, and she’s a perfectly normal and nice person, but…

I normally think that kind of thing is bunk.  I’ve never seen anything, heard anything, or witnessed anything strange, even in a place that is deemed to be “haunted”.  Not for lack of trying, though – I’ve been on a couple ghost tours (one in Schenectady, one in Salem, Mass.), did a radio show from a reputedly-haunted restaurant in Saratoga Springs (The Olde Bryan Inn), fooled around with a Ouija board in high school and college, and I watch Medium (okay, maybe that’s a stretch).  My sister claims that the old farmhouse where we grew up was haunted, but I never saw what she saw (faces in the windows, shadowy figures in the closets).  I’ve never seen anything.  Although, last year, right after my grandparents died, I did have a very strange experience while cleaning out the cabinets in their kitchen.

I guess if you believe in ghosts, by extension you believe in an afterlife.  But I really don’t.  So, I don’t know what to think.  I guess I’ll wait til the Ghostbusters come and see what they say.