I am notoriously bad a remembering to send things: email replies, Christmas cards, birthday cards, thank-you notes…so you’ll understand, I hope, that I needed to make this thank you public because of its extreme tardiness.

One of my best friends, Marlene, made Bob and me a wedding present – a beautiful quilt, in the most stunning jewel-tones.  I know she spent many many hours working on it, and it is truly gorgeous.  She and her husband Chris gave me the gift last Fourth of July.  Yes, almost one year ago.  And I’m just getting around to thanking her now.  Why?

Because I took it out of the closet on Sunday and put it on our bed for the spring/summer.  Isn’t it AMAZING???

Marlene's Amazing Technicolor DreamQuilt

Thank you Marlene!  I love this quilt!