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June 30, 2009

I’m seriously considering becoming a vegetarian.  I’ve been thinking about it a lot, and there is a long list of pro-vegetarian reasons why.  There is also a long list of reasons why I probably couldn’t/shouldn’t. 

  • PRO: A vegetarian diet is healthier than a carnivorous diet.  I know this intuitively to be true for me (I’m not making a universal statement here).  When I eat meat, I feel sluggish and tired.  When I stick to veggies for a day, I feel much lighter and healthier.
  • CON: My husband is a dedicated and enthusiastic carnivore.  He must have meat and a starch at every meal.  My being a vegetarian would make cooking dinner a chore.  I’d have to cook 2 different entrees.  Bob would never eat a vegetarian meal.
  • PRO:  Vegetarians tend to be leaner.  I could definitely stand to lose a few (ok, more than a few).
  • CON: I would probably have to take supplements to make sure i’m getting enough iron and other nutrients.
  • PRO: I would be consuming far fewer pesticides, additives, chemicals, and hormones.
  • CON: It  may not be possible to get a vegetarian meal when we go out, or eat at someone’s else’s house.
  • PRO: I would no longer be contributing to the disease known as the US meat industry.
  • CON: Cheeseburgers are sooooooo good.  The good news: I don’t plan on being vegan, so I would still be able to eat cheese. 
  • PRO: Sometimes, when Im eating an egg or a chicken breast, I think about where the food comes from, and I gag.
  • CON: Fake meat products are usually pretty nasty, and taste nothing like the real thing.
  • PRO: I would likely lower my cholesterol, blood sugar, and blood pressure as a result of going veg.
  • CON: It just seems like so much extra effort.  There, I whined.

Now, looking at my list, the CONS seemed to be getting pretty silly and flimsy.  The PROS seem to put forth a very strong argument for me personally.

I really should just take the plunge and go vegetarian.  I think I might do it!!  Right after I get back from Kentucky on Monday.  I don’t think there will be any vegetarian food at my mother-in-law’s house (too many people coming over to make something special for me).

I’d love to hear from anyone who’s made the switch to a vegetarian diet – Was it hard?  What did you miss the most?  What benefits did you see?  Got any good recipes?


Next: I really should try to stop eating high fructose corn syrup.  In light of my research into the US food industry, Sisyphus had  it easy.

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  1. SaraMatty permalink
    July 2, 2009 12:24 am

    Become a flexitarian instead. Flexitarians generally eat mostly vegetarian or vegan, but allow the occasional bit of whatever else into their diet without serious guilt issues. Still has a positive green impact (every little bit helps), still allows for you to have the occasional meal without hassle when out at a restaurant or relative’s house. Some flexies eventually do give it up and go straight vegetarian, some drift back into omnivore. Some never label themselves flexitarian but rather “transitioning vegetarian” and just never 100% finish the transition 🙂 Honestly, whatever works for you is great as long as you’re eating less processed foods and not contributing to things you don’t like (such as the meat industry) on a regular basis. As for the carnivorous husband, I’ve been dealing with that in my father for ages. Two entrees is one way of going about it, subterfuge is another (seriously, he’s never caught on to homemade tempeh sausage) and last, there’s always the “I’ll cook the rest of the meal, you cook your own meat” option. That’s what grills were made for 🙂


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