Potato head, or genius?
Potato heads, or criminal masterminds?

Dateline Dusseldorf.  A British con-man has been arrested for fooling dozens of Germans into buying potatoes when they believed they were buying iPods, as well as other electronic equipment.

Posing as down-on-thier-luck tourists trying to unload second-hand goods at bargain prices, the man and his accomplice sold the electronics in their carrying cases, only to surreptitiously switch the bags for ones filled with potatoes.

German police caught one of the men after being tipped of by someone witnessing their sales pitch.   The man was nabbed following a chase, but his accomplice managed to escape. Police say they suspect the two men in 25 more cases of potato-impersonation.

They are asking for anyone with information to come forward, and are urging folks not to take matters into their own hands because they believe the fugitive may be armed.

Two ways this story could have been funnier: if the thieves were in Ireland, or if they swindled the Germans with cabbage instead of potatoes.

British newspaper The Sun has a funny evidence photo on their website.   I avoided using all of their lame potato jokes in my version of the story.