Just wanted to give my readers an update on the Al Nassma camel milk chocolate tasting that I’m planning:

  • Sent an email to the NY distributor, chocolates should be on their way soon!
  • My neighbor Chef Mark is in – he’s going to help me set up a panel tasting, getting a few other chefs and culinary experts to the event (THIS is why I agree to babysit his kids!)
  • I had thought of doing some wine pairings, but Martin Van Almsick (General Manager of All Nassma) posted a comment to my blog, suggesting we make it a total Middle Eastern experience by pairing the chocolates with Sudanese coffee (jebbana) or black tea instead.  Now, to locate some Sudanese coffee…does anyone know a good Middle Eastern market in the Capital Region?  I’ll even drive a bit if I have to.
  • I think I have the venue, but maybe Chef Mark has a better idea – I’ll wait to see what he comes up with.

Interestingly, a blog reader commented on my original post, saying that she heard about Al Nassma on MSNBC.  I’m guessing she did a search, and found my blog.  I searched MSNBC, and saw mention of Al Nassma in a piece about tourism in Dubai.

Aren't these the cutest little chocolates?
Aren't these the cutest little chocolates?