Last night, Bob and I went to eat at our usual weekend quick-dinner place, the Halfmoon Diner on Route 9.  I’ve mentioned it here before, and I’ve always had good things to say about it.  After last night, however, I’m rethinking a few things.

Dinner was fine – tuna melt for me, pot roast for Bob.  Uneventful.  As usual, Bob ordered a piece of chocolate mousse cake to go.  Feeling frisky, I ordered  a piece of coconut cream pie to go.  I’ve raved about their coconut cream pie here before, and was looking forward to its creamy goodness.

About halfway through the piece of pie. something began to taste a little off.  I looked down, and found 3 or 4 pea-sized pieces of bright green mold in the pie.  I immediately spit out what I was chewing, dumped the rest of the horror pie in the trash, and went upstairs to brush my teeth.  It was all I could think about all night.  I even dreamed of eating the moldy pie again.

That pie must have been sitting in that cooler for more than a WEEK, or not kept refrigerated, in order to get mold like that.  Either way,  it was nasty.  I didn’t bring it back, because it was late and I was in my pj’s.  I also didn’t call them, because I didn’t retain the evidence.  All I know is, I’m never eating dessert (or probably even dinner) there again.  Ick.