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What To Do with 100 Oysters?

December 2, 2009

A Wendalicious reader asks:

What would you prepare if a friend sent a bushel of Chesapeake Bay Oysters (live, unshucked) to your home as a gift?  The approximately 100 oysters will be packed so as to keep for 2 weeks and come with two oyster knives.

Your friend,  Joanne

What nice friends you have!  A very thoughtful gift.

I personally do not like oysters, and thus have never prepared them myself.   Can any of you out there offer Joanne some guidance?  The only thing I can offer is a wine suggestion – a very dry sparking wine, perhaps Gruet Brut from New Mexico.  One of my personal favorites.

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  1. Nicole permalink
    December 3, 2009 10:03 pm

    I would open a bottle of Verdicchio, shuck and slurp away until in oyster overload. I love the slimy, salty things. It’s like a little piece of the ocean going right down my throat.

    That said, a nice spicy cocktail sauce, tobasco and lemon make ’em even more heavenly…never been as fond of them cooked, but a chinese hotpot with black bean sauce will do…

  2. obliterati permalink
    December 6, 2009 6:20 am

    I prefer raw, but if someone has a fried oyster recipe, they are delicious prepared that way. Less visceral.

  3. December 7, 2009 10:43 am

    I’d skip the cocktail sauce and make a champagne mignonette. Then drink the rest of the Champagne with the oysters, with a bottle of good French Chablis to follow.

    And friends. I’d need a couple of friends to help eat and drink the bounty.

    Here is a link to a recipe for the mignonette:

    • wendalicious permalink
      December 7, 2009 2:12 pm

      Thanks, Daniel! I love your blog…

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