Have you noticed those new commercials from Taco Bell, promoting the “Drive Thru Diet”?  You know, the ones with the beautiful, bikini-clad woman who claims to have lost weight by eating at Taco Bell? At first, I thought the promotion was a gag – along the lines of SNL’s commercial parodies.  But sadly, I was wrong.  It’s real.

Here’s the deal: this woman (her name is Christine Dougherty) claims to have lost more than 50 pounds over two years by eating the “Fresco” items on Taco Bell’s menu.  Sounds a lot like Jared from Subway, does it not?  Actually, it sounds like a lot of crap (insert Taco Bell joke here).

Of course, there’s always the fine print associated with a claim as staggering as Christine’s.  For instance, take a look a this image from one of the spots:

The fine print behind Taco Bell's "Drive-Thru Diet"

1250 calories a day.  Uh, that’s what your doctor (and other reputable weight-loss programs) would tell you is the bottom of the calorie range for weight loss in women.  So, stay with me here, it’s a simple matter of calories in, calories out.  Burn more than you eat, and you will lose weight.  I haven’t seen the statement about Christine “incorporating Taco Bell’s healthy choices into a regimen of diet and exercise,” but I’d be willing to bet my bottom burrito that it’s somewhere on their website.  You can’t lose weight any other way (except surgery)!

And the “Drive-Thru Diet” conveniently ignores other valuable nutrition information – fiber, vitamins, sodium – that one needs to determine of a diet is healthy or not.  My guess is NOT.

Bottom line, as usual: To lose weight, you can eat anything you want, as long as you burn more than you consume.  This is just a clever marketing ploy by Taco Bell, strategically placed at the beginning of the new year.  People are always searching for the magic bullet, a plan which will erase years of treating their bodies like garbage disposals.  I can say with complete certainty that eliminating Taco Bell food from your diet is a good way to start.