Got an email this morning from my friend Jennifer, telling me about a webinar happening today at, a food website of which I was not previously aware (but it looks great so far!). The webinar is called “Eating, not Meating,” and is hosted by Kim O’Donnel, a chef and food journalist who is writing a cookbook for people trying to eat less meat. According to the website, Kim does this web chat every Thursday.

Considering my journey towards near-meatlessness, Jennifer thought I would be interested in this seminar. And, of course, I am! Based on the description of Kim’s work from Culinate’s editor, it sounds like Kim and I have the same meatless-eating goals:

Kim O’Donnel has finished recipe-testing and writing for her soon-to-be-book,Licking Your Chops: A Meatless Guide for Meat Lovers. I e-chatted with Kim about what that multi-month project has meant for her own diet. “I definitely have less of an appetite for meat,” she says. “Get a craving about once a week these days — and when I do eat it, it tastes GREAT. Looking forward to roasting a chicken this weekend.”

Many months ago, Kim and I talked about the idea for her book, something for people (like her own mother) who really like meat, but just want to eat less of it. From the sounds of things, Kim’s managed just that. “I had no idea vegetarian food could taste that good,” wrote one of her testers.

I’m in.  And for those of you who can log in at 1:00pm today (January 28), here’s the link:

And Daniel: for the record, you were right (but you already knew that): going cold tofurkey probably is not for me, since I do enjoy a nice flat iron steak.