I wouldn’t.  But a coffee shop in Baltimore is betting that some folks will.  My guess: obnoxious hipster coffee snobs.  (I have recently decided that I abhor hipsters.  But that’s a blog post for another day.)

Yesterday, the Spro coffeeshop in Baltimore’s Hampden neighborhood started offering 12-ounce servings of Aida’s Grand Reserve for $13.  That comes out to a bit more than a dollar an ounce, and that’s for plain old black coffee, sans foam or other milk-accoutrements.

“It’s really a fantastic kind of coffee,” said Spro owner Jay Caragay. “It’s very juicy, fruity, good mouth feel, medium bodied.”

I’m sure it’s delicious, but really – thirteen dollars a cup?

Aida Grand Reserve is grown in El Salvador by a woman named Aida Batlle; Aida apparently operates three legendary estates which regularly produce award-winning coffees.  Ms. Batlle’s family has been coffee-farming for 5 generations, but the business didn’t flourish until Aida took the farms over.  (Here’s a link to a blog post that describes how she came to take over her farm, and how her coffee came to be so expensive.  I glossed over the parts about the “cupping” because the whole idea seems way too pretentious for me).

I love coffee.  Love love love it.  I will spend a little more to get good beans, but this seems like price gouging to me.  Perhaps I’m not as much of a coffee snob as I think I am.  Thank God, because if I were, I’d probably be broke.  I am somewhat snobby, though, as evidenced by my most recent purchase:

La Cafetière Titania 8-cup French Press

All that being said, if anyone in NY’s Capital District knows where I can get my hands on a cup of this stuff, I might be willing to try it, just to see if it’s worth it.  Anyone?

Profussor, this coffee would probably taste delightful with a donut.