Completely off-topic, but I’m hoping you’ll indulge me for a moment.

News broke tonight that oft-married, suspenders-wearing CNN host Larry King has decided to step down from his long running Larry King Live program this fall.  The media world is in a frenzy tonight.  25 years this guy was on TV.  Times Union blogger Kevin Marshall pondered the imponderable this evening, via Twitter:

Larry King’s retiring. NOW who’s gonna ask all the hard-hitting questions provided by publicists?! – @KevinMarshall

When asked by Bill Maher who he thinks should replace him, Larry King responded almost immediately. “Ryan Seacrest.  Although I don’t know how he feels about politics.”

Ryan Who-crest?  Never heard of him.  But I, my friends, have the answer – someone as ridiculous as Larry, yet well-known enough to maybe pull it off:

Andy Rooney, the Most Annoying Man in the Known Universe

It would be an utter trainwreck.  Must-see TV.  Get CNN on the horn.