Fan of Anthony Bourdain, foul-mouthed culinary globetrotter and author of the the horrifyingly captivating  “Kitchen Confidential?  Check.

Fan of Ruth Reichl, former editor of Gourmet magazine and NYTimes food critic, more recently noted for her liltingly sweet and poetic tweets?  Check.

Fan of the Twitter mashup @RuthBourdain?  You’re NOT?  You’ll laugh your ass off, trust me.

What happens is this: Ruth Reichl posts one of her usual haiku-inspired tweets, describing a recent meal or experience.  Then Ruth Bourdain answers in short order, filtering the Ruth Reichl moment through the f-ed up mind of Anthony Bourdain.  Here’s an exhange from April:

“Fever dreams. So hungry. Caviar. Blini. Habanero salsa, shock waves of fire, electrical sparks. Soothing softness of polenta/mascarpone” – @RuthReichl

“Fever dreams. So hungry. Swaddled in a giant Blini. Caviar all over. Habanero salsa, lava, shock waves of fire, sparks. Need more morphine.” – @RuthBourdain

Another classic:

“Fried clams. Lemon. Fat asparagus, ancient balsamic. Hot crusty bread with cold, sweet butter. Sea urchins. Charred, rare porterhouse steak” – @RuthReichl

“Fried clams! Fat asparagus! OMFG: Sea urchins! Here comes porterhouse steak. Smack it up, flip it, rub it down. Oh no, Ruth needs a napkin!” – @RuthBourdain

And one more, from a couple days ago, because I can’t resist:

“Sour cherries. Raw. A taste as cold as splashed water on a hot morning. Tart shock reverberates. Wonderful way to start the day.” – @RuthReichl

“Sour cherries. Raw. A taste as cold as liquid nitrogen on my nipples on a hot morning.Tart shock reverberates. Horrible way to start the day” – @RuthBourdain

Bourdain goes on record to say he “loves Ruth Bourdain” (catch an interview with him on one of my favorite podcasts, Good Food), and is both flattered and disturbed by it.  Reichl has mixed emotions about the parody, but has said in public that she “finds him hilarious”.

Me too.  Or, as Bourdain might say, F*** yeah!