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Disgusting Food Item of the Week

August 4, 2010

Yes. What you are seeing is real. Those are worms and insects inside those lollipops.

Normally, the “Disgusting Food Item of the Week” comes from some far-off land, and serves as a reminder of the vast culinary gulf that separates Americans from the rest of the world.  This week, however, I have found an item that’s made and sold right here in America (well, California, anyway) – insect candy.

I’m sure that they took their inspiration from another culture, but

For over 20 years HOTLIX® has been making people cringe with delight with their outrageous confections featuring real insects embedded inside the candy!

A box of Crickettes. A few got out.

So many disgusting Hotlix “treats” to try: Crickettes (Salt ‘n Vinegar, Bacon & Cheese, Sour Cream & Onion), Larvets (crunchy flavored worms), flavored Scorpion Suckers, and many more.

FORBES magazine called Hotlix candy “An ideal conversation starter”.  I can just imagine that conversation: “WHAT THE F*** IS THAT?  I’M NOT EATING THAT!”

Hmm…maybe I’ll buy some to give to the neighborhood brats on Halloween…

My friend Tom enjoying some Crickettes during a recent lunch at Ambition in Schenectady. No, I did not have any.

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  1. Marlene permalink
    August 4, 2010 5:15 pm

    All I have to say is: EEEEWWWWW!

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