Inspired by the recent “local gifts wish-list” feature that my friends over at All Over Albany are running, I thought it might be fun (and perhaps inspirational to others who may be reading) to share my Christmas Wish List. These gifts aren’t local, but they’re definitely culinary!

I am feeling extremely Scrooge-y and Grinch-y this year, so there’s a reasonably good chance I’m on Santa’s Naughty List, but I’ll lay it out here anyway:

  • Dinner at Angelo’s 677 Prime. I’ve never been, and I’ve heard great things. If you’ve been to 677 for dinner, what did you think? I’ll also take suggestions on other great places to get a fancy swanky dinner!
  • A proper Chinois strainer. I find myself longing for one of these all the time, especially when I making stock. My old strainer is beginning to fall apart. I know, your heart is just *breaking* for me, isn’t it?
  • The Recipe Rock. Just a neat little tool that caught my eye recently.
  • New pots & pans. I purchased my current set from The Pampered Chef more than 10 years ago, during my stint as a PC consultant (putting myself through broadcasting school). The set allegedly has a Lifetime Guarantee, but the pans are all warped and the nonstick coating is peeling off in sheets. They were obviously not worth the money I paid for them, even if I did get a discount. Harumph. Anyway, my dream is to own an All-Clad stainless steel set (like this), but short of that I will accept just this. So shiny!
  • A Dual-Fuel Range, like this. The best of both worlds: gas stovetop, so when the burner is off, it’s OFF; and electric oven, to maintain temperature more consistently. Plus, this one even has convection, to make cooking even quicker. I know I won’t be finding this beauty under the tree this year, but a girl can dream, can’t she? <sigh>
  • OK, not cooking-related, but I want an iPad. There, I said it.

So, that’s what’s on my list. How about yours?