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Food Network Show “Heat Seekers” Visits DC-3 on Washington DC’s Barracks Row

January 10, 2012

The Chicago 7 dog from DC-3

If you’ll remember, BFF Sarah and I visited Capitol Hill hotdogggery DC-3 during my November visit to Our Nation’s Capital. And I liked it so much I went back by myself two days later.  Anyway, I just saw that the Food Network show “Heat Seekers” (don’t know it, but whatever) recently stopped by DC-3 to shoot some footage for an upcoming episode.

According to the Huffington Post,

The show, which features mouth-scorching cuisine, was lured by two spicy items: The Q’s Seoul bulgogi and kimchi dog, topped with marinated rib-eye bulgogi, pickled kimchi and hot Sriracha sauce; and the Three-Alarm Cruncher, a take on D.C.’s famous half-smoke wrapped in bacon, split and filled with jalapenos and covered in spicy chili.

Anyway, I thought Sarah might find this interesting, since she lives only a few blocks from the place (and because she’s a fan of the half-smoke). I guess we should be glad we got in there, because it’s going to be a madhouse once that ep airs. Get your dogs now!

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