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Moroccan Restaurant to Open in Schenectady

January 27, 2012

UPDATE: Tara Kitchen’s website is now up and running:

I’m excited about this, and I know customers of the Troy Farmers Market and Schenectady Greenmarket will be as well – Tara Kitchen (purveyors of Moroccan cuisine at both markets) will be launching their own restaurant in Schenectady, scheduled to open on Tuesday, January 31.

The restaurant – Tara Kitchen, natch – will be located at 431 Liberty Street in Schenectady, just a stone’s throw from City Hall and the Post Office. Their website is listed as “coming soon”, so I don’t have any details on the menu. All I’m saying is that their incredible chicken harira better be on there (I’m sure it will – it’s gained kind of a cult following at the markets and the recipe made it into Metroland’s 2011 Holiday Entertaining issue).

I’m not very familiar with Moroccan cuisine, other than an occasional tagine and some couscous, so I’m looking forward to a new experience. And, it doesn’t hurt that it’s only a few blocks from my office.

Another thing to look forward to: owner Aneesa Waheed has promised a podcast interview with me in the near future, after opening week.

(for fans of their store on State Street, they have closed it in order to focus their efforts on the new restaurant and the farmers markets.)

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  1. Linda Rozell-Shannon permalink
    January 31, 2012 11:36 pm

    Went to opening night at Tara Kitchen. The food was so good. I normally do not eat everything but I could not stop eating it. I never got sick of the tasty spices and succulent chicken. I’m hooked and once you eat there, you will be too !

    Linda Rozell-Shannon

  2. Bill Pittman permalink
    February 1, 2012 5:35 pm

    The Web site, which includes a menu, is now operational:

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