The answer is YES.

After having spotted a sign last night while driving past St. James ShopRite Square in Niskayuna, I had to stop by and see it for myself:

I was really surprised to see that sign last night, because I usually hear about these kinds of openings before they happen. This one, however, flew under my radar.  Today, August 3, was their first full day of operations.  And it was pretty crowded for 2 in the afternoon.  Their stuff is good, and their store design is fresh and fun – a significant improvement over the former TCBY incarnation we had around here previously (TCBY’s last Capital Region store, in the Pattersonville Thruway rest stop, closed in 2005; their Sand Creek Road location was open until 2000).

I’m happy that ShopRite Square (I hate calling it that) looks like it finally has a winner in this space – so many businesses have come and gone over the years. And, I’m excited they’re located near my office and on my route home. But this could be extremely dangerous for my waistline.

Haven’t been there yet? The concept is simple: grab a cup (the small size is freakishly large), fill it up with your favorite flavors (mine is always White Chocolate Mousse plus one other interesting-sounding flavor), and head over to the toppings bar to add all of the sinful toppings you desire.

White Chocolate Mousse plus Peanut Butter froyo, with mini M&M’s, Butterfingers, PB cups, and hot fudge.

Sure, they have fruit on the toppings bar, but I can’t go for that (no can do). If I’m going to have froyo, I’m going to add chocolate and peanut butter-type stuff. 

You put your cup on the scale, the cashier rings it up ($0.49 per ounce), and you’re done! My typical purchase is right around $4.00, including tax.

I know it was only their first day, but I already have two selfish suggestions for the Niskayuna TCBY: please add iced animal crackers and wet walnuts to your toppings bar. The Guilderland TCBY has them, and you should too.


Other Niskayuna news: according to the TU, there’s a new smallish food market opening up in the Mansion Square shopping plaza. Town officials  can’t/won’t say what the market will be, but I don’t have any problem promoting flagrant speculation here – what do you think it could be?

Here are the rumors that I’ve heard:

  • It’s another Trader Joe’s (oh, did you hear that they opened the Wolf Road store today? Do you live under a rock?)
  • It’s a neighborhood-size Wegman’s
  • It’s an obscure regional market cooperative called NSA Supermarkets
  • It’s going to be another Fresh Market, says the Business Review.  This seems to be the most reasonable/likely scenario, and I love the Latham one, so I’d be in favor of that

Whatever it is, I’m fairly certain that ShopRite, Price Chopper and especially the Niskayuna Co-Op are going to see some impact, and we as customers will reap the benefits.

The Capital Region is currently obsessed with grocery stores, and I just don’t get it.