Attention, everyone: it’s time you all finally understood the difference between a macaron and a macaroon. They are NOT the same thing, no matter what you think.

A macaron is a delicate French confection made with egg whites, granulated sugar, ground almonds, and food coloring. A macaroon, however, is something different: it’s most often made from coconut, egg white and sugar, and is sometimes dipped in chocolate. It’s a popular treat for Passover, because it contains no flour. Even the dummies over at Popsugar know the difference.

Just as many seemingly-insignificant things anger my friend the Profussor, this particular failure of understanding makes me irrationally angry. Here’s the post that ignited my rage today:

I tweeted a correction, natch. But, no response as of yet. Surprise.

This isn’t the first time I’ve had to correct someone on the macaron/macaroon question; just last month I sent a Facebook message to the direct-sales company PartyLite, for this gaffe in their catalog:

FH14_J005_P91120_025  Partylite Macaroon

Take a look at the accompanying text: not only did they call it a “macaroon”, they described it as a “rich and buttery…sweet”. My head nearly exploded. NEITHER MACARONS NOR MACAROONS CONTAIN BUTTER. Their reply to my polite correction was, “Thank you for bringing it to our attention.” Which means, essentially, “Piss off, you pedant.”

Let’s review.

These are macarons:

These are macaroons:


See the difference?

Great. Now please never make this mistake again. You’re better than that.