Last week, Bob and I received a giant box on our porch, containing what *I* consider to be an incredible holiday gift from his CEO – a delivery of farm-fresh local produce. I practically screamed with delight at this box of possibilities. Bob was not as enthused as I, vegetable-eschewer that he is. He was amused, however, at my giddiness over this unexpected bounty. I might have squealed once or twice, maybe.

The produce came from The Chef’s Garden in Huron, OH. Located on Lake Erie, The Chef’s Garden is a 300-acre family farm that practices sustainable farming techniques – including letting a portion of their land go fallow, planting it with cover crops to replenish the soil and naturally repel insects and weeds. I thought that was an interesting – and relatively rare today – technique that allows them to not use pesticides and herbicides. They’re not organic, but I don’t think organic is the end-all, be-all anyway. The Chef’s Garden sells mostly to chefs and restaurants, but mere mortals like myself can place an order (minimums apply).

Anyway, take a look at this colorful spectacle of nutrients:


  • Sweet potatoes, and a purple sweet potato
  • Black radishes – I think! Maybe a turnip? I will have to cut one and taste it to be sure.**
  • Beets – golden and red
  • Fingerling potatoes
  • Kohlrabi (and some other unidentified purple things)
  • Baby purple and gold cauliflower
  • Scallions
  • Turnips
  • Rainbow carrots
  • Greens – baby red leaf lettuce, other mixed lettuce
  • Spinach
  • Chard
  • Cucumbers

Wow! My head is spinning with ideas – how will I ever use all of this produce before it goes bad?

Here’s what I’ve got planned so far:

    • Saffron risotto with chard and roasted vegetables (check – see photo below). I’ll share my recipe in an upcoming post!
    • Mixed greens with roasted beets, feta, oranges, red onion and orange-mustard vinaigrette (check – see photo below)
    • Pickled beets & onion
    • Mashed turnips (side dish for Christmas?)
    • Hot and Sour Soup (to use some of the scallions)
    • Roasted rainbow cauliflower

Other suggestions from my faithful readers?

Saffron risotto with chard and roasted vegetables
Mixed greens with roasted beets, feta, oranges, red onion, and orange-mustard vinaigrette

**Seriously, anyone know what these black things are??


Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Happy Kwanzaa, Blessed Solstice – whatever you celebrate, I wish you and your family delicious food and the most wonderful and memorable celebrations!