So…my birthday is Sunday. Yes, Super Bowl Sunday. When did the NFL decide that it would move the Super Bowl into February?

According to Wikipedia:

Due to the September 11, 2001 attacks and the NFL schedule being moved one week back, Super Bowl XXXVI was rescheduled from the original date of January 27 to February 3. By 2004, the league had restored the traditional pre-Super Bowl bye week that had been abolished prior to the 2001 NFL season, to reduce the possibility of the Super Bowl being unexpectedly delayed again.

Damn the terrorists – they messed with my birthday!

Anyway – it seems like I’m going to have to compete with men in tight pants for attention on Sunday. Reminds me of college.

Bob and I will be going out to dinner on Saturday night, to the Scrimshaw at the Desmond in Albany. The menu sounds excellent, and they received an Award of Excellence from Wine Spectator magazine this year (and every year since 1997). I’m very excited about this – I’ll be sure to share my dining and quaffing experiences with you, my loyal readers (all 4 of you).

Bob has also informed me that he will be ordering my birthday cake from J&S Watkins in Clifton Park. I’ve mentioned them here before…this bakery is truly where dessert aficionados go to die. I have requested their English Toffee Torte. Here’s the delectable description:

Heath® candy nuggets laced throughout in a sweet cream cheese filling, cradled in a brownie crust. This torte is glazed in Heath® milk chocolate ganache and garnished with candy nuggets and almonds.

I love the word “cradled” when used in a food description. It sounds so…gentle. Like the brownie is rocking the cream cheese to sleep.

It was a toss-up between that and the Cannoli Cake:

Delicious Italian genoise (sponge cake -W) is generously filled with cannoli cream, loaded with chocolate chips. Frosted with real vanilla frosting.

If anyone would like to come to my house for cake on Sunday, you are invited! If you can’t make it, you’ll have to be content with the photos!

And, on a completely different note – congratulations to my friends Sue and Chris on the birth of their baby, Tyler John. He is a beautiful little boy!