Bob and I have been watching the HBO series “John Adams”. It’s superb. Stars Paul Giammatti as John Adams – he’s amazing. It’s hard to believe this guy started his career playing a character called “Pig Vomit” in Howard Stern’s movie “Private Parts”.

giamatti.jpg        ht_john_adams_080313_ms.jpg

Laura Linney is great as well – I love the fact that she doesn’t wear a stitch of makeup for the first 4 hours of the film – and then only because they had to make her look older. She’s just beautiful.

I also think the score to the series is fantastic, written by Joseph Vitarelli.  It’s reminiscent of “Last of the Mohicans” – the theme is incredibly moving and inspiring.  I find myself humming it all day long.

I know Joanne read the book that this series is based upon many years ago – is it worth reading?  And can you loan it to me???