I’ve always wondered about public restroom etiquette – is it okay to talk on your cell phone while in the stall? Do you knock before trying the doorknob on a one-seater? And just what the heck is a “courtesy flush”? (Seriously – I don’t know).

In fact, I actually have a bathroom pet peeve that drives me absolutely over the edge – people talking to me while I’m in the stall. I’ve actually had a woman in the stall next to me say, “Who’s that?”, eager to start a conversation. Dammit, it’s “me time”, not happy hour. Don’t you have some business to attend to?

So, on a whim, I Googled “Public Bathroom Etiquette”, and I found an incredibly informative and wildly hilarious website, which addresses every concern one might have about what is appropriate in a public toilet. FYI – it’s okay to text while in the stall, but absolutely verboten to make a call. Who knew? Enjoy.

And, for heaven’s sake – stop talking!