I’m just living in Hard Drive Failure HELL. Our home computer’s hard drive failed, I can’t do non-work-related work at work (meanies), and Bob’s only letting me use his work computer once in a while (which I understand because it’s owned by his company and it’s locked down seven ways to Sunday). My brother-in-law is currently “fixing” it, so i have no idea when I’ll be back up and running.

So – I thought I’d take a moment and let all of my loyal readers (the two of you left) that I’ll be back soon, posting comments that will make you drool.

Sneak Peek: Kentucky Derby Pie, just in time for the Run for the Roses…and my in-laws from Kentucky will be visiting, so it’s even more appropriate.

UPDATE: I didn’t make the pie – I got lazy and bought one, I’m ashamed to admit. Though we did watch the Derby, and I cried when Eight Belles was euthanized. I hate when that happens. It was Barbaro all over again.