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Stand Back – I’m Pouring

May 7, 2008

I had a very intriguing offer yesterday from a friend…

My friend C. moonlights as a “pourer” for various liquor distributors and wineries, pouring wine in tasting rooms, fundraisers, and the like. We got to talking about how much we both enjoy wine, and she mentioned that she’ll be pouring for Standing Stone Vineyards (NY Finger Lakes) at the Travers Wine Tasting in August (which, believe me, is an incredible event – Bob and I went in 06, since his company sponsored it). Then she asked me if I’d like to be her assistant pourer!

Keeping in mind that I cannot possibly afford to go on my own (at least $125 per person), I jumped at the chance! It’s no pay, I can’t drink while I’m there, but other than that it sounds like a ton of fun!

C. talked about how becoming a pourer (starting as a volunteer) opened doors for her, as far as meeting distributors and getting to know people in the industry. I’ve been fascinated by everything about wine for a couple years now, and I think this opportunity could be the start of something good…

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