Well, we thought my brother-in-law would be home last night, but he had a minor setback, and will be undergoing even more surgery on Thursday. Even though it’s truly miraculous that he’s even alive, we are so anxious to have him back safe at home, with his two little girls.

We’re keeping our fingers crossed that he’ll be on a plane back home on Sunday afternoon.

Any thoughts or prayers you may have left over would be much appreciated.


On a much happier note, I was delighted to learn that Sarah and Marlene (and Marlene’s hubby) will be traveling up here for the July 4th weekend – which I believe is next weekend, if I’m not mistaken! Yippee! The Hotel Voelker is happily accepting reservations.

Oh, and an extraordinarily weird small-world moment happened to me today: I found out that my husband went to high school with one of my good friends from college, who also will be traveling up here next weekend. Boy, I’m hoping that Mike P. has some embarrassing stories about Bob – I need some ammunition. Right now, I got nothin’.