I got a very interesting call earlier this week – the managing editor from Eagle Newspapers in Rochester called me (not exactly out of the blue, because I do business with one of their subsidiaries, and I’d met him once) to ask that become one of the Spotlight Newspapers’ website bloggers!  The Spotlight is their Albany-based chain of weekly newspapers (14 editions in total).  They’re looking to have someone blog about the local food scene, he really liked this blog (I casually worked it into the conversation we had months ago), and naturally thought I’d be a good fit for their website.  🙂

Pretty cool, I think.  I’m excited about the possibility of many more people having access to the food knowledge and general insanity that peacefully coexist in my head.

I’m still working out the details (the hardest part will be coming up with a name as perfect as Wendalicious), but I hope to have the blog up and running soon.  I’ll keep you posted.  You’ll be able to find it at www.spotlightnews.com.  There’s an RSS feed available, too.

Worry not, dear readers, Wendalicious isn’t going anywhere.  The Spotlight is a family publication, and I need SOMEPLACE where I can use foul language.