Update: I finally got access to my bank accounts online today, and something VERY strange happened – apparently my ex didn’t close our joint checking account (or take my name off it) until *just* recently, and I can view to all of his transactions until March of this year (they base everything on your SSN). Weird. Did I snoop? Of course I did. It wasn’t very interesting. I’ll see if I can get the account removed…

Q: How do I sign up for online banking through Trustco Bank?

A: “If you currently do not have an account please visit any convenient Trustco Branch to fill out an enrollment form.” – taken directly from Trustco Bank’s website.

Am I the only one who sees the irony in this?

I didn’t even mention the fact that I have to wait 3 days before someone will process my enrollment form (which, maddeningly, is a triplicate carbon paper form – I got to keep the yellow copy) and then send me an email which will contain my user ID and password. I also was told that if I don’t receive an email within the 3 days, I am to call a special number and tell them I am in possession of the yellow copy of the enrollment form.

<shakes head in utter, tragic disbelief>