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Things I Hate About You

August 21, 2008

And by “you”, I mean people in general. People are so damned annoying, I’ve decided to compile a list of my Ten Most Hated People (in no particular order):

  1. People who “show off” on the treadmill at the Y – maximum incline, running at top speed the second they get on the machine, etc. Get over yourself.
  2. People who NEED to pass me, on a double yellow line, while I’m already going 10 miles above the speed limit (though I LOVE it when I catch up to them at the red light a few miles up the road).
  3. People who do not know the proper way to proceed through a 4-way stop. This is probably my biggest driving annoyance. Why am I the only one who knows the procedure?
  4. Women who purposely wear jeans that are 2 sizes too small. When did fat spilling over your jeans become attractive?
  5. People who wear pajama bottoms out in public.
  6. Pregnant women who are constantly rubbing their bellies as they walk around. Yes, we know you’re pregnant.
  7. People who cross the street in front of you, against the light. On purpose. And stare at you while they do it.
  8. People who truly believe that their company will completely collapse unless they are in constant contact with their office at all times, including while on vacation. News Flash: no one, and I mean no one, is indispensable. If you got hit by a bus today, somehow the world will keep turning. Turn off your damned Blackberry and enjoy the one life you’ve been given.
  9. People who cheat on their spouses. There’s simply no excuse. That’s right, John Edwards – I’m talking to YOU.
  10. Sean Hannity

Please feel free to add to my list!  There are plenty of annoying people to go around…

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  1. August 21, 2008 8:57 pm

    Here’s one I got when I met a new instructor last week.

    People who brag about how they can eat super-spicy food. “Tabasco? Oh, I can drink that like water!” All it means is that your sense of taste is crippled. It’s not a feat, or something you worked hard at, and if it were, then you’ve really wasted your life….

  2. Kristen permalink
    August 21, 2008 9:49 pm

    I definitely agree with you on all of the above hated people…but i also have some to add to the list:

    People who wear a bra with straps that are wearing a top that doesn’t have straps…and it is even better when the color of the bra is seen through the shirt

    People who go through life thinking that they should be handed everything that they want and need. what happened to working hard??

    People who use ” I was Drunk!” as an excuse for bad behavior

    People who have the constant need to text message.

    People who forgot that a hairbrush was an awesome invention that needs to be used!

    That is all the venting that I will do for now…

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