OK, I admit that I’m very “Martha” when it comes to cooking and baking – I prefer to make things from scratch because they’re just better that way, and I take great pride in my culinary skills.  However, I do from time to time cut some corners, and use store-bought products to either enhance or replace something that may be too time-consuming to create myself.  BUT BISQUICK SHAKE & POUR IS JUST RIDICULOUS! Come on!  How lazy can you get???  Pancakes are one of the easiest things in the world to make from scratch!  DO we REALLY need this obnoxious product??

The tag line on the TV commercial is: “Just add water and shake!”  It might as well say:

“Hey Mom!  We know you’re way too busy working to actually prepare a decent meal for your overweight-yet-nutrient-starved children, so Betty Crocker created Bisquick Shake & Pour!  You can keep pretending to be Supermom, while actually being completely neglectful of the health of your family.  All you gotta do is add water and shake – and they won’t know the difference, until their pediatrician puts them on Lipitor!”

That might be a little long for a 30-second spot, though.