OK, so these are not your typical vacation snapshots of beautiful vistas, scenic overlooks, or smiling families posing in front of ironic roadsigns.  These are random pics I took while traveling to and from Kentucky this past weekend – pics from airport restaurants.  That’s so me, isn’t it?

This first one was taken at 5:30am at the McDonald’s in Albany International Airport.  It was the sign on the machine that made me laugh.  You can’t see it very well in the photo, but here’s what it says:


This next one is one I honestly need help deciphering.  It was taken in the Detroit Airport this afternoon, while we were sitting at the bar enjoying a cocktail.  The bottle in the center of the (very blurry) photo is a bottle of Gentleman Jack – which is a new whisky, “charcoal mellowed twice”, made by Jack Daniels.  My question regards the thing upon which it is sitting: is that a scale, some sort of inventory control device?  I’ve never seen one before, and was hoping someone out there might know.  Please help!

Your next question is: what were you doing in Kentucky?  I was visiting my in-laws, who have a hot tub.  Yee haw!  (Oh, and we met up with some of Bob’s family, too.)  I’m happy to be back in crappy upstate NY.  I hate being friendly to strangers, which is apparently some kind of LAW out there.