A reader writes:

Hello, I am looking for a restaurant in or around Schenectady, New York that has really good macaroni and cheese. Can you help me?

Hmmm…that is a great question.  I haven’t had macaroni and cheese in a long time, and when I do I make it myself, so this is toughie.

Here’s what I do know: readers of Steve Barnes’ Table Hopping blog have recently expressed interest in organizing a mac-and-cheese cookoff, and apparently plans are underway for sometime early next year.  Being a professional events planner, and amateur chef, I think is something that I MUST attend. I’ll keep my readers posted about developments…can someone say “Field Trip”???

Back to business.  Sometime last year, I had lunch at a downtown Schenectady restaurant called The Backstage Pub & Grill on Smith Street, behind Proctors.  It was a Friday during Lent, because they were serving fish fry as the lunch special, with a side of mac and cheese.  I thought it was great!  Very creamy, several cheeses used, and with a deliciously buttery crumb topping.  The perfect side dish for a fish fry (well, that and cole slaw, but I digress).  Here’s the problem: The Backstage Pub recently changed ownership, and most likely changed chefs.  So, I cannot guarantee a similar experience today.

I had a not-good-at-all mac and cheese at my favorite quick-bite spot, The Halfmoon Diner.  There are many, many things that the Halfmoon Diner does well – macaroni and cheese is NOT one of them.

Readers, I need your help with this one – does anyone know a good spot for mac-and-cheese in and around Schenectady?

In the meantime, for my all-time favorite homemade macaroni and cheese recipe, click HERE.  And don’t worry – it’s from Cooking Light magazine, so it won’t kill you!