Good news!  Schenectady County’s popular Restaurant Week returns this month, in honor of this year’s Schenectady County’s Bicentennial Celebration!

From Tuesday, January 27 through Saturday, January 31, more than 20 Schenectady County and Downtown Schenectady restaurants will be offering a special three-course menu for the low, low price of 2009 Cents (that’s $20.09, for those of you getting out the calculator).

As of this writing, the following restaurants are participating:

Manhattan Exchange, Parker Inn, Clinton’s Ditch, The Stockade Inn, Tops American Grill, Backstage Grill, San Souci, Glen Sanders Mansion, Aperitivo Bistro, Taj Mahal, Brandon’s Ritz Terrace, 20 N. Broadway Tavern, Castelo’s, Union Inn, Bangkok Thai Bistro, Turf Tavern, Kabul Nights, WineDown Lounge, Ambition Café.

Wow!  That’s a lot of restaurants! I can say that I’ve personally eaten at all but 2 of them (the 2 newest ones, 20 N. Broadway Tavern and Kabul Nights), and they are all terrific. In fact, I was so impressed with WineDown Lounge recently, that I bought my in-laws gift certificates to there for Christmas!  I highly recommend it.    The Executive Chef there is Rob Gavel, who made some great food at Cafe 1795 in the Stockade (which sadly closed a couple years back). WineDown has awesome food and a wonderful wine list!

I consider sampling my city’s restaurants to be part of my job.

Most restaurants suggest making reservations for this traditionally busy week.  Diners who fill out and submit a brief comment card will be entered into a drawing for a Dinner and Entertainment Package.

For more information and downloadable menus, visit  This year’s Bicentennial Restaurant Week is presented by The Chamber of Schenectady county, The Downtown Schenectady Improvement Corporation, and Schenectady County.

Get out there and enjoy Schenectady County Bicentennial Restaurant Week – I know I will, probably several times!

-end of shamless plug-