I knew there was something fishy about the snake head story – turns out I was right!  WNYT (local NBC affiliate) posted a story on its website today staing that the snake head in question was allegedly planted in the food.

How did they know?  Because the snake head was found, through laboratory testing, to NOT HAVE BEEN COOKED.  It means it was added right before service.  TGI Friday’s has asked the NYS police to open a criminal investigation into product tampering.

So, who did it?

  • The guy who complained about it (Jack Pendleton)?  He didn’t seem gung-ho to sue, so it would mean it was just a prank.   A big, disgusting prank.  But the prank is on who?  The American dining public?  Friday’s?
  • The server?  Was Pendleton rude to him?  And the server just happened to have a decaying snake head in his pocket?
  • Colonel Mustard with a rope in the Conservatory?

This is kinda getting interesting.  Can’t wait to see what uncoils next.