UPDATE:  Even though it sounded fishy, it turns out the story is true.  I just wonder why it took so long to make the news.

A friend sent me the following story he saw on Consumerist.com today, alleging that a “coworker of a reader” found a rotting snake head in some vegetables while dining at the Clifton Park Friday’s.


I’m skeptical.

First of all, the headline claims “Snakehead Found in TGIF Sandwich”, when in actuality the writer claims it was buried in a side of veggies.

Secondly, there was no mention of the specific TGIF location.  I only noticed “Clifton Park” in the post’s comments section.  And from a poster who calls him/herself “Motherchucker”.

Thirdly, there has been absolutely no mention of this incident in any of the local media.  Usually this kind of thing is splashed all over the tv and radio, not to mention local websites.  I follow all the local media on Twitter, and none of them have mentioned it.  The fact that this story breaks quietly on a consumer website, instead of in a trusted media outlet, troubles me.

I’ve sent a request to the editor of Cosumerist.com asking for more information, and to be put in touch with the “coworker of reader Lauren”.

I will continue to follow this story, and keep you updated.