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Bombers Opens in Schenectady

May 5, 2009

Today is the day – Cinco de Mayo.  And opening day for the long-awaited Bombers Burrito Bar location in Schenectady!

If you don’t know about Bombers, head over here for the scoop.  Hungry?  Check out their menu.

I was invited to a preview party at Bombers last night, but couldn’t go – SICK.  And, I couldn’t go to the Grand Opening today – STILL sick!  But, I will head down there before the week is out, and make sure to post a review.  I have not tried Bombers food yet, but I love burritos and margaritas, and I’m excited for a new locally-owned place to go for lunch.

Here’s an idea: if there’s something on the menu you’d really like me to review, post a comment.  I’ll try it while I’m there, and let you know how it is!  AND, I will not send you the bill.  Just remember: I can’t drink on my lunch hour, so shots are OUT.

Happy Cinco de Mayo!  Olé!

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  1. Claire Lynch permalink
    May 6, 2009 6:52 pm

    Ryan introduced me to Bombers when he was at UMaine. When he would come home on the bus, the first place we had to stop before heading home was always Bombers. He bought me my first Burritto. It was Barbeque chicken burritto with a side of rasta fries. Yummy.
    Hope you like the place. It looks classier than the Lark St. location.

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