Sorry for the long absence…my life has yet again gotten away from me. I’ve been so busy leading up to my June 6 event in Schenectady County (History & Heritage Day), that I’ve almost completely ignored the twittersphere for about a month.

So much to talk about!

Eh, not really.

But, I do have a few nuggets from the past week or so:

  • Last Saturday at midnight, Facebook began allowing users to create usernames for their profiles, to give them unique (and comprehensible) URL’s.  I wasn’t as thrilled as the rest of the universe was, apparently.  It just wasn’t that important to me.  I didn’t see the need to stay up until midnight to register my place in the universe.  So, when I finally got around to creating an UNCHANGEABLE username for my profile, on Tuesday, I was shut out of    Apparently Wendalicious Wong beat me to it (yes, seriously, that’s her name.  Click the link).  Eh, so what.  Life goes on.  If you want to find me on Facebook, click on over to  Perhaps I’ll even consider friending you…and for those who are already my FB friends, this is not the BIG ANNOUNCEMENT.  That will come in tomorrow’s blog post, probably.
  • As you know, I also float around the Twittersphere.  A few of my favorite people to follow are my fellow foodies (some pros, some dabblers like myself): RuthReichl, healthchef, DominoSugar (yes really),  Tablehopping, LATimesFood, EvanKleiman…there are just so many!  They are constantly tweeting cooking tips, advice, recipes, and food commentary.  I wanted to share a few bits and pieces with you:

From @LATimesfood Bacon Bits: Vodka, chocolate and pancetta: All the recent bacon news that’s fit to print…

From @womenwhocook Sweet Chili Lime Grilled Chicken…Soooooooooooooooo easy to make and perfect for a Sunday BBQ

From @Foodimentary Who wants to celebrate? June 15 is National Tapioca Pudding Day!

From @nytimesfood Urban Farming, a Bit Closer to the Sun: Gardeners are raising fruits and vegetables on rooftops…

From @onereputation Who doesn’t love a lobster roll? Recipe for the New England Lobster & Crab Roll at Prime @ SN: Photo:

From @dominosugar Rich and Easy Peanut Butter Muffins #muffins #recipe #baking #foodie

From @healthchef A ‘ruby’ by the way, is rhyming slang for a curry, as in Ruby Murray = curry!!! After the Irish singer

Just a small sampling of the cool world of food that is out there on Twitter!!  If you like food, follow me on Twittter ( – Wendalicious was taken THERE, too), and we’ll get you hooked up to some of the coolest foodtweeters out there.

  • Went with some friends to see a drag show (excuse me, DIVA show) at the Waterworks Pub in Albany, during Albany’s Pride Weekend.  It was kind of a spur-of-the-moment decision to go, but I am so glad we went!  We had a blast.  The best part was surprising our friend (one of the performers, who none of us had seen in about 15 years) with our very presence.  I believe his exact words, upon seeing us, were “Holy Sh*t!”.  Penny Larceny, you are the BOMB. Photos are over on my FB page.
  • I discovered what is probably now my all-time favorite podcast: The Sick and Wrong Podcast.  You can find it on iTunes.  It is exactly what it purports to be: just absolutely SICK and WRONG.  The two hosts (Dee Simon and Lance Wackerle) find the 3 most sick and disturbing news stories of the week, and listeners get to vote on which one is the sickest and most wrong.  Oftentimes it’s hard to choose because they are all so…so…WRONG.  Like the drunk paraplegic who got pulled over for speeding, and proceeded to remove his prosthetic legs and throw them at the police officer.   Or the mother who fed her hospitalized daughter feces through her feeding tube, in a classic yet horrifying case of Munchausen-by-proxy.  I would go on, but this blog is strictly PG.  Dee and Lance are a bit foul-mouthed, but they are absolutely side-splittingly funny.  A shout out to my friend RL who suggested it to me.  I am forever indebted to you.

Well, that’s today’s update.  Tomorrow I hope to finish writing my big announcement – it’s food related, and has nothing to do with me being pregnant.  I swear.  I’d tell you – you know that!