What a nice coincidence.

You probably noticed that I made a passing reference to culinary superstar Anthony Bourdain in yesterday’s post about my friend Marc’s new book.  I referred to him as a “bad-boy”.   If you’ve read any of his books (Kitchen Confidential, A cook’s Tour, Nasty Bits) you know he’s a foul-mouthed, often drunk, highly entertaining, and extraordinarily talented chef.  I just love this guy.  I’ve always wanted to hang out with him, and now I may get my chance.

Proctors in Schenectady announced yesterday that Bourdain will be making an appearance there on November 15, and the top ticket price of $75 will include a special meet-and-greet session with the man himself.  Tickets go on sale on July 10, and I plan to be first in line.

Here’s a really cool thing: I mentioned this event to Bob (my long-suffering hubby) and he actually said he would go with me!   He was a bit hesitant at first – he absolutely hates the Food Network – but when I mentioned that Bourdain is funny, filthy, and foul-mouthed, Bob said, “Hm.  Okay.”  Who knew it was that easy?

More info about Bourdain’s upcoming appearance on Steve Barnes’ Tablehopping blog.

Now I think it’s time to work some magic to get my Proctors friends (you know who you are) to book an appearance with Alton Brown.  <swoon>