Whilst perusing the interwebs this evening, I stumbled across a headline entitled, “September 5 is International Bacon Day.” Naturally, I was intrigued.

What does one do on International Bacon Day, besides the obvious?  Does one hang crisp-fried bacon strips from the mantel?  Dress up in costume and go door-to-door, begging for smoky-cured pieces of fat?  Adopt a pig?  The mind boggles.

I popped “international bacon day” into Google, and was treated to many, many results (4,910,000 to be exact). A couple were blogs, and several were very “official” bacon-related sites.   Since I know how much you all love bacon, I thought I’d share some with you (URLs, not actual bacon), in case you were wondering (as I was) how to prepare for International Bacon Day:

Pork Mobile!
Pork Mobile!

Loyal Readers, when it comes to obscure food news, I’m here for you.  I do the research, so you don’t have to.

Incidentally, this past weekend Bob and I celebrated our 2nd anniversary with a trip to an incredible B&B in the Adirondacks.  At breakfast each morning, we were served the most incredibly delicious bacon.  It was from Oscar’s Adirondack Smokehouse, a legendary smoked meats & cheese purveyor in Warrensburg, NY.  We drove through Warrensburg on our way home from Chestertown, but did not see Oscar’s, otherwise we would have stopped in to stock up on some smoky goodness.  Next time!