So, I heard on NPR the other day that scientists at Cornell University have developed a brand new variety of apple.  It’s apparently a delicious cross between tart and sweet.  I want to write a blog post about it, but I can’t remember the name (or anything else about it).  Good thing for Google.  I type “new apple” into the search field, and get this:

new apple2

I guess I probably should have guessed where that search string might lead me.  Straight to the iPhones.

But, I still don’t know anything about the new apple variety.  What shall I search next?

“New apple variety” gets me where I want to go.  The new apple is called SweeTango, and it’s a cross between the Honeycrisp and the Zestar (Zestar?).  It was also developed by the University of Minnesota, not Cornell (I must not have been listening very attentively to the story – sorry NPR).

According to developers and growers, it’s got tons of flavor – all of the Honeycrisp’s crispness and juiciness, but enhanced flavor, with a hint of fall spice.  Sounds positively spectacular.  And, it will be available in early September, whereas most premium apples don’t hit the markets til much later in the season.   The Sweetango just got a limited public release this past weekend, in a few select cities (closest to here is Rochester, NY).  If it’s as successful as they hope, it should be widely available in 2010 or 2011.  We can expect to pay about $1 more per pound for Sweetangos than we pay for “regular” varieties.

Sounds to me like the Sweetango would make an incredible apple pie – but I gotta wait until next year.  Unless I can get to a Rochester farmers market this month…

The new Sweetango apple
The new Sweetango apple