• Where and when can one find fresh figs in the Capital Region?
  • Why is it that you can find hundreds of successful Italian restaurants in Schenectady, but hardly any successful “other type of ethnic” one (take-out Chinese does NOT count as ethnic)?
  • Why does Dunkin Donuts coffee taste so sour?
  • Why won’t my husband eat anything?
  • Can someone please explain Dave Matthews to me?
  • Why do people rant and rave about the health dangers of high fructose corn syrup, then head outside to smoke a cigarette?
  • When did it become socially acceptable to wear pajamas out in public?
  • Why does one 6-foot sub cost two and a half times more than six 1-foot subs?
  • How can people possibly like celery?
  • Why does labeling something “European” or throwing the prefix “Euro-“ in front if a name automatically make it more appealing to Americans? Do Europeans label their otherwise-unsellable crap “American”?
  • Why is everyone so obsessed with cupcakes?
  • Why don’t dumbasses advertising professionals proofread things before they send them out?
Seen on the back of a CDTA bus...