UPDATE 3/28: No harissa in the Clifton Park Hannaford.

When I posted my deviled eggs recipe yesterday, underneath the post popped up a few “possibly related” posts from other blogs.  One of those posts contained a recipe for Spicy Deviled Eggs that called for harissa, a North African hot chili sauce that adds the “devilish” heat to the recipe.  The paste contains Piri piri (“African Devil”) chili peppers, tomatoes and paprika as its main ingredient, and also includes coriander, caraway, and cumin.

Harissa paste, a fiery North African condiment

One of my friends linked over to the post, and asked me about a local source for harissa.  I suggested possibly an ethnic food store, but the only ones around here that I know of specialize in Indian or Asian foodstuffs.  I don’t recall seeing it in Hannaford or Price Chopper, but then again I’ve never actually looked for it.

So, I am stumped.  Readers?