It’s time for another round of voting in the weekly Wendalicious Photo Contest!  Three entries this week – stop by the poll at the bottom of the post to vote for your favorite.

From new (I think) reader Leah: "Here it is: my first double batch, combined 6 and 4 strand braid challah, with Honey Thyme Butter". Wow. Recipes please? And welcome to Wendalicious!
Another photo from Chris in Japan: "Of course, this aesthetic arrangement means that I have to then rearrange the fillings so the whole sandwich isn't completely lopsided, but it certainly is pretty.... "
Our first drink photo entry, from Pat: "If beverages are included in your food pic contest, I submit the awesome flaming coffees served at The Manisees Hotel on Block Island. They are WONDERFUL."

Let the voting begin!  Poll will close at 5pm (-ish) on Monday, June 28.  That evening I will declare a winner, who can then claim their prize by posting an obnoxious message to this blog. I will immediately send you the prize – a delightfully witty and well-thought-out reply.  Hey, it’s something.