I was cleaning out the SD card on my Droid, and noticed a bunch of pictures on there that I forgot I had taken…mostly silly pictures of my dog:


My mommy likes to humiliate me.

But I came across a very cool one I took in Hannaford over the summer.


Rambuton (also spelled Rambutan)

I had no idea at the time what a rambuton is (still only have a vague idea), and I definitely had never tasted one (how the frik would you even eat it without slicing your tonsils out?).  But, it looked really beautiful, and I was impressed with Hannaford for having them available.  The only things Guatemalan in Clifton Park are the housekeepers They seem very foreign for this neck of the woods.  I wonder if anyone bought any…I didn’t.  But, when I do buy them, I will know how to eat them.

Oh, and what the hell is that white string thing floating around the bin?